By Mustapha Sesay

Sierra Leone

The Parliamentary Committee on Water Resources has been discussing three significant water bills, aimed at adequate provision and supply of clean water for the people of Sierra Leone.

The Pre-legislative engagement attracted international partners in the water sector, Members of Parliament, officials from the Ministry of Water Resources, including its agencies and stakeholders working on the improvement of the water sector in the country. The meeting adequately discussed the merits and demerits, through presentations by experts so as to better prepare Members of Parliament to make an informed decision during their impending debate before the three water bills are eventually passed into law.

The three bills are the Sierra Leone Water Company Act of 2017, the Guma Valley Water Company Act 2017 and the National Water Resources Management Act 2017, all aimed at providing for the efficient management and the use of the country’s water resources.

The three bills as presented were appreciated by MPs, who promised to give them considerable thought and attention for enactment.

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Water Resources, Hon. Sualiho M. Koroma commended the Ministry of Water Resources and its agencies for putting the necessary documents in place, with the view of addressing the challenging issues plaguing the management of the country’s water resources.

He promised to collaborate with agencies that are working in the sector, whose primary objective is to clear its current bottlenecks.

The Deputy Majority Leader, Hon. Leonard Fofanah and the Minority Leader of Parliament, Hon. Dr. Bernadette Lahai, welcomed the initiative of the Ministry in its transformational drive to reform the management of the water sector.  The Minister of Water Resources, Momodu  Maligi, earlier  outlined the advantages these bills will bring to the economy of the country.

water-billsparliament Discusses Water Bills


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