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November 2, 2016

Constituency 095 gets new WASH facility

By Mustapha Sesay

Sierra Leone

The DFID WASH Facilities through UNICEF implemented partner “Living Water International in Sierra Leone” has provided WASH facility to the Brama town, in Constituency 095 in the Western rural district.
Welcoming all present, the Head man of the Village, Brima Mansaray expressed satisfaction over the intervention of DFID, UNICEF and Living Water International. He commended the government through the implementing partners for coming to their aid.
Making a statement the Country Director of Living Water International in Sierra Leone, Hastings Banda said his organization is involved in water and sanitation process. He said they have constructed wells, and sanitation key in their delivery process. He pointed out that they have provided support from training people on WASH, and promote a lot of hygiene systems in the country. He noted that their focuse is improving on water, sanitation and hygiene at deprive and hard to reach community also to vulnerable people.
He paid thanks to government for providing the enabling environment for them to operate. He recalled that living water is one of the NGOS working in Sierra Leone with special focus on wash in schools, PHU’s, towns and villages. In their intervention on toilet they provide also for the disable and tech school on the importance of hand washing especially at critical moment.
In his statement, UNICEF representative, Sandra Lottoot said the rural water project which is funded by UK Government set to benefit 150,000 people across the country in improve water, sanitation and hygiene. The project also stands to benefit 40 children in 180 primary schools, and users of 175 health care facilities.
She said the intervention of UK government has help to save lives from diarrheal diseases such as cholera and dysentery. She said the project is a demonstration of partnership with the government of Sierra Leone, UNICEF and implanting partners such as Living Water. She commended Ministry of Water Resources for their leadership in the process.
She said hygiene and sanitation linked to three leading causes of fewer than five mortality, malaria, respiratory and diarrheal disease. She pointed out that hand washing is a key behavioural that can save life. She urged community people to make hand washing a habit just likes during the Ebola period.
In his statement DFID Senior Information Adviser Simon Kenny said 63% of household have access to safe drinking water, 13% have access to improve sanitation and 22.9% of primary schools have access to functioning safe drinking water. He said there is still work to be done. He said in rural areas only 48% have access to improve sanitation facilities. He said hand washing play a significant role in the Ebola and that we must continue to make progress.
He said the UK government has committed to help people global get access to clean water and sanitation over the next five years. He said UK aid is committed to support government of Sierra Leone in improving rural communities as part of the recovery plan.
In giving his keynoted address, thanked the UK government for their support in the WASH sector. The Minister noted that the responsibility on them as a governed has been done but they community people should take ownership of the facilities. The minister encourage parent to educate their children so that they can give back to the community.
Other speakers include the Honourable Member of Parliament, Claud Kamanda, Deputy Chief Administration western rural area, and a skit was display on hand washing on the importance