Le 10.7 Billion Water Project for two Districts in Sierra Leone

By Mustapha Sesay
+232 78540108

Residents of Kailahun District and Mile 91 in the Tonkolili District are currently breathing some form of relief with the instillation of water treatment plants to access pipe born water.
The Sierra Leone Water Company (SALWACO) charged with this responsibility has completed the installation of water treatment plants and its distribution networks at Mile-91 and Kailahun for the provision of safe drinking water for residents struggling to access pipe born water.
According to the Acting Director General of the Sierra Leone Water Company Victor Hastings Spaine the water supply project for mile 91 in the Tonkolili District was funded by the Government of Sierra Leone to the tune of (Le10.7b) to ensure households access pipe born water.
He also stated that the Kailahun water supply project was funded by the EXIM Bank of India as extended a line of US $ 30 million to the government of Sierra Leone for financing rehabilitation of existing water facilities and addition of new infrastructure to supply potable water to six areas across the country geared towards enhancing improved water supply for residents.
He said the project has been completed by Angelique International an Indian based company and residents have started using the pipe born water from their taps for drinking and domestic use in their homes so as to improve the living the standards of the people aimed at achieving the millennium development goals by 2015.
Explaining further Mr. Spaine said SALWACO has constructed 11kilo meters of transmission line and 9 kilo meters of distribution line for SLAWACO with state of art technology treatment plant and laboratory with a 250 cubic meters of water reservoir.
He added that SALWACO has also constructed 2 kilo meters of transmission lines and 13 kilo meters of distribution line with a state of the art technological treatment and laboratory for a 750 cubic meters of reservoir at mile 91.

The Administrative and Finance Officer of SALWACO Mariama Jalloh implored locals to handle the taps with care so as to sustain the project for the benefit of the residents in the area.
She also told beneficiaries of the SALWACO water project at Mile -91 and Kailahun to embrace the project for the effective use of the water supply and cautioned against destruction of the taps by Locals.
Residents of Kailahun and Mile -91 expressed thanks and appreciation to the Government of Sierra Leone and the Sierra Leone Water Company for completing the project.
Residents said it took over forty years for them to get access to pipe born water in both Mile-91 and Kailahun and promised to utilize the facilities for the benefit of all the people.
kailahun picture


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