Photo competition for water and sanitation journalists

3rd Water Integrity photo competition-Integrity in water for food and food security

Water and food are key to human life and both encourage good health, economic growth and social development. However, both water and food faced scarcity and access to either is becoming more difficult and problematic. Corruption can arise throughout many instances of the food production chain, even more so for water for food production as this adds to the complexities and different types of stakeholders involved.

Photography is a great way to raise awareness on crucial issues that affect everyone. It allows for a different manner to approach and understand the topic.

This photo competition seeks to explore the relationship between water and food, with a specific focus on integrity or corruption risks. We ask contestants to send us photographs that represent or conceptualise the damaging effect of corruption in water for food or that highlights transparency, integrity, participation and/or accountability to avoid corruption in water for food. All submitted photos must be associated to the issue of water for food or water and food security linked to integrity, which must be explained through the caption or a short description. 


Trip to Stockholm for an award ceremony during the World Water Week 2012


Judging criteria

  • 25% credit to adherence to theme of contest (caption and image content)
  • 25% to artistic interpretation
  • 25% to photographic skills
  • 25% to correct submission process (deadline, type of submission, signed terms or references)

Submission Details


The deadline for submission is the 2nd of June 2012.

Please send you entry with the signed terms of conditions to Both colour and black & white pictures will be accepted, in jpg, bmp or gif digital format. You can enter up to four (4) images. Images with watermarks, captions on the photograph and/or borders will not be accepted. File names should be in the following format:

  • Lastname_Firstname_image1.jpg
  • Lastname_Firstname_image2.jpg, etc.

Do not use special characters.

To enter the competition, email with the subject line “WIN photo competition 2012” and attached the signed Terms & Conditions.

Up to 10 photographs will be short-listed by the WIN Secretariat and will all be displayed at the upcoming Stockholm World Water Week. A jury comprising of representatives from WIN Secretariat and from partner organisations will select from these the winning photo and award the final prize of a trip to the Stockholm World Water Week 2012[1] (including 1 return economy class fair, visa/insurance fees, registration fees, per diems and accommodation three nights of the conference).


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