Water has not enemy

When the late afro beat king, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti released his evergreen title, “water no get enemy” (meaning water has no enemy), the Nigerian was singing the mind of the entire living.

Plants and animals have found their best friend in water which is a must for life to continue.

Maintaining health has been attributed to access to clean water. “For one to be in health, one must have access to not just water, but clean water because water when not pure is dangerous”, says Gbemuotor Kama, Executive Director, Professionals for Humanity.

Kama, whose organization has facilitated free surgeries for indigenous Nigerians revealed his passion for the provision of clean water for all especially in developing countries.  “Government of countries still undergoing development would definitely save a lot of money being spent to cure diseases in their countries if they can only among other necessary facilities spend more funds and energy to provide clean water for the population”, he said.

A lot is budgeted for the water sector annually but clean water is still beyond the reach of  a lot of people.  However Africa would save quite a lot if governments can provide clean water.


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